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Helicina pitalensis
The Costa Rican Helicinidae

The Helicinidae of Costa Rica were reviewed during my research in the years 1999-2002 (RICHLING 2004a, b). The results are mainly based on own field work in Costa Rica, the additional study of the extensive collection of land snails in Costa Rica (formerly housed by the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad de Costa Rica - INBio - now moved to the Museum of the University of Costa Rica in San Josť-San Pedro) and respective type material. Specimens from various other sources were also included (e. g. historical material collected by BIOLLEY).

The following species occur in Costa Rica:

Helicina escondida
Helicina (Tristramia) funcki L. PFEIFFER 1849
Helicina (Tristramia) pitalensis WAGNER 1910
Helicina (Tristramia) tenuis L. PFEIFFER 1849
Helicina (Tristramia) echandiensis RICHLING 2004
Helicina (Tristramia) punctisulcata cuericiensis RICHLING 2004
Helicina ("Gemma") beatrix beatrix ANGAS 1879
Helicina ("Gemma") beatrix confusa (WAGNER 1908)
Helicina ("Gemma") beatrix riopejensis RICHLING 2004
Helicina ("Gemma") talamancensis (RICHLING 2001)
helicina_tenuis.jpg (20471 Byte)Helicina ("Gemma") gemma PRESTON 1903
Helicina ("Gemma") monteverdensis RICHLING 2004
Helicina ("Gemma") escondida RICHLING 2004
Helicina ("Gemma") chiquitica (RICHLING 2001)
Pyrgodomus microdinus (MORELET 1851)
Alcadia (Microalcadia) hojarasca (RICHLING 2001)
Alcadia (Microalcadia) boeckeleri (RICHLING 2001)
Lucidella (Perenna) lirata (L. PFEIFFER 1847)

Helicina (Oligyra) flavida MENKE 1828

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